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Paintless Dent Removal

Small or large dents?  Door Dings?  Hail damage?
Get your car repaired today at Pavilion Collision Repair Center.

Paintless dent removal commonly known as PDR is a method used by trained technicians to remove door dents, dings and hail damage. They do this by going on the inside of the panels and using rods and rubber hammers to remove the dents without having to paint the panels.

Our PDR specialist will look over the customer’s vehicle to ensure the PDR method will work on that specific vehicle. Usually the only way it cannot be done is if the paint is already chipped, the inside of the panel is not accessible, or if the dent is too big to perform PDR on.

When PDR is done properly there should be no visible markings on the outer panels of your vehicle.

The PDR Company that we use is Dentco. They have a trained technician on sight, and they have been in business for 17 years.

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